Part II Melanie Klein’s article Mourning and its relation to Manic Depressive states


Summary on Melanie Klein’s article Mourning and its relation to Manic Depressive states

Part II-The Good Omnipotence
Melanie Klein’s depressive position includes the manic defense, which includes the omnipotent aspect. Omnipotence can be used as a destructive controlling force. However omnipotence can also be a good ‘reparative’ force which helps the ego find its individuality. Klein asserts that with the reparative-omnipotence it enables the ego to assert itself against ‘slavish’ dependency on the love object. The child needs to believe that he is able to repair and be constructive despite the sadistic controlling impulse within him. When the child is unable to preserve and hold onto the reparative aspect of himself due to the strength of the sadistic impulse the child turn to manic-omnipotence and obsessional defense as a way of dealing with the fear and to perhaps resume to reparation. The reparation may begin with thoughts, feelings and actions of sublimation; however they can be easily disrupted by the sadistic gratification of wanting to control the object and owning it.
The Good omnipotence of the child and the wish for fame, success, and ‘triumph’, can also include an element of sadism. Often the wish for the child to reverse roles with its parents and be in control over them can also have an element of sadism, which often creates a sense of guilt which paralyzes the entire child, even the good element for constructive success and reparations become nullified. The guilt often doesn’t allow the child to achieve his abilities and endeavors. Thus the child needs the help of the mother to help him strenghen his sense of goodness in order to overcome these controlling aspects.

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