Hi, My name is Eli Hilman, LCSW. I’m a clinical social worker, counselor-psychotherapist located in Forked River, New Jersey.  I’m passionate about helping children, teenagers, and adults  with  difficulties that may arise in their day to day life. I  treat individuals, couples and groups with an eclectic approach. I love  helping people create, reconnect and rediscover their passions. This blog is a space I hope to summarize the main readings I do for my psychoanalytic training and some thoughts you may find helpful.


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  1. Since you state ‘. . . understand, appreciate, explore, and make sense of our inner and outer life, . . .’ this extract from my book may interest you:
    Anger, Hate and Animosity.
    Sustained anger, hate or animosity are poison to the body. They cause dis-ease in the Thought Field that, in turn, causes dis-ease in the Life Field that, in turn again, causes disease in the body. Why do these emotions cause dis-ease? Because, being unloving, they are negative energy and, therefore, contrary to the innate conscience of the soul – of the subconscious and the super-conscious.
    “Quo Vadis?”
    With my best wishes.

  2. I see you’re also interested in Sigmund Freud. He is such an interesting man indeed. One of the reasons why I took up BS Psychology was because of my interest of Sigmund Freud’s theories 🙂

  3. Thanks for liking my article about the Fes Festival. Although I’ve never been I’ve seen some of the footage of previous years’ festivals. They are wonderful – the Sufis in particular.

  4. hey there Eli, I’m a former OMH psychiatric social worker, with similar interests/training to your own, who was forced out for trying to reorganize out-pt tx and take a stand for the human rights of the patients in my care, we would welcome any input that you might have to share along the way in our new joint effort to rethink/reorganize our communities to be more in keeping with an ethos of care, peace, dmf.

    1. Oh thanks so much for the support. I am excited that you’re going to read my posts, please let me know what you think of them.

  5. Psychology always fascinates me, although I never got the chance to study it formally. I’m fairly new to blogging. Your posts seem interesting, I’ll read them now. best wishes.

  6. Glad you liked “moods better.” Thank you. Hope you like some other quips, that they fit your interests and/or concerns. Just don’t take all of them too seriously. Some are simply a play on words

  7. Thanks for liking “open to question” and “wasted breath,” and for your comment. Glad for your support. Best to you and your father on what’s left of Father’s Day.

  8. Wow. So much of your post here resonates within my blog, in different ways. I am bipolar, had a breakdown and was hospitalized in the psych ward last September 2012 and it gave me a different kind of perspective myself, though the challenging circumstances have remained and will for the time being. So glad to have read this today though, I look forward to reading more!

  9. Hey Eli,

    I finished my PhD in Psychoanalysis some time ago but I still find your posts really helpful when I need a quick refresher for teaching this stuff to undergraduates. Is that cheating…it depends how harsh your unconscious is about these things! :o)

    Anyway, this is just to say: thanks for the good work!!

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